Our award winners from the PSA Creative Interclub Competition 2012-13

Here is a gallery of the 18 images for which we were awarded either AM or HM in the 2012-13 season of PSA creative interclub competitions. Our total entry was 24 images, so the award hit rate was 75%. Congratulations to all entrants!

Our awards winners in the PID 2012-13 season

Final Results for the PID International Interclub Competitions Group A

We set out to beat the Belgian clubs this year, who were our greatest rivals last year and achieved that, only to be pipped at the post by Greater Lynn PA. Congratulations to them and well done everybody at Impact Group. Below are our final totals…we leave on a high!

Greater Lynn Photographic Association MA  265
Impact Group United Kingdom  263
Boston West Photo Society MA  262
Cape Cod Viewfinders Camera Club MA  256
Exploring Light Camera Club CA  256
Cranbury Digital Camera Club NJ  250
Fotoclub Iris Lede Belgium  250
Iris Aartrijke Belgium  246
Naples Camera Club GA  241
Huntington Camera Club NY  240
Pikes Peak Camera Club CO  240
Saguaro Camera Club AZ  238
Great Falls Camera Club MT  237
Mt Baker Camera Club WA  235
West Cumbria Photo Group United Kingdom  234
Photographic Guild of Nova Scotia Canada  233
Houston Photochrome TX  232
Pomona Valley Camera Club CA  230
East Troy Viewfinders WI  228
Salt Creek Camera Club IL  203
Merrimack Valley Camera Club MA  192
Ridgewood Camera Club NJ  117

June CIC

Creative Image competition – last round of the season:

25th July 2013 – at last the results!!! Congratulations to everyone who took part in this section…we came top of our section. Interestingly, the other two sections had UK clubs at the top too. SLIC and Hoylake, West Cumbria and Bristol also did very well. This does seem to say something for the state of Uk creative imaging…at least in the eyes of the judging clubs in America. So, the results of the last competition for Impact Group:

Scarlett  by Chris Widdall – 14 marks and Award of Merit

Memories by Chris Widdall – 13 marks and Award of Merit

Ophelia by Joan Blease – 10 marks

Inquisition by Joan Blease – 12 marks and Award of Merit

Forbidden Fruit by Adrian Lines – 12 marks and Award of Merit

Italian Gothic by Adrian Lines – 11 marks and Hon Mention

Fantastic result with 5 awards in our last effort!

Final results in Group C show Impact group 38 points ahead of second place Belgian Club Double Declick ad 53 points ahead of third place NSL PS:

Group C
Impact Group 101455 75 73 64 72 284 1st
Double DECLIC 100940 65 53 61 67 246 2nd
NSL Photographic Society 102169 68 65 48 50 231 3rd
St. Louis Camera Club 008314 53 57 54 47 211
Photographic Guild of Nova Scotia 000099 57 54 48 44 203
Naples Camera Club 096671 57 45 40 35 177
Pilchuck Camera Club 009520 40 46 41 23 150
Gem State Camera 101073 60 32 31 0 123
Schenectady Photographic Society 007882 32 6 19 35 92

PID May 2013

Our entry:

and results:

God Loves A Sinner, Adrian Lines, 13 points. AM
Memories, Christine Widdall, 12 points. HM
Fun At The Beach, Geoff Walsh, 12 points. HM
Long Jumper, Rob Millin, 11 points. 
Kittiwake With Young, Michelle Walsh, 10 points. 
Barney, Joan Blease, 10 points

Creative Image Competiton April 2013

Our entry:


Wild Blue Yonder Joan Blease 12 AM
Reflections Of Venice Joan Blease 12 AM
Elegy Christine Widdall 12 AM
Windy Night Adrian Lines 13 AM
Purgatory Adrian Lines 10
The Cyclists Alan Morris 5

PID March 2013

Our entry:

Willett Dispute, by Geoff Walsh, 12 AM

Being Demure, by Chris Widdall, 9

Cycling, by Rob Millin, 12 HM

Harvest Mouse, by Jane Lines, 10

Herring Gull Calling, by Michelle Walsh, 8

Sherriff, By Adrian Lines, 12 AM