Street Football

This is one I have used a couple of times but not with any success.
It was taken in one of the poorest parts of Iasi, Romania known as Dallas.
Any comments?
Stree Football, Iasi

Street Football, Iasi


4 thoughts on “Street Football

  1. I think it’s very much a photojournalism picture. It tells a story of kids enjoying themselves in spite of squalid surroundings. There are two stories, the young kids and the older ones…and if you take time to study it, there’s lots of information in there. As a comment on the conditions in Iasi, it has a powerful message…..but….

    as to why it didn’t do well…I think it’s difficult to read in the 5-10 seconds that selectors have at that level. So maybe it doesn’t communicate quickly enough…and there is competition between the two halves for which is the main interest.

    Perhaps if one of the stories had been really dominant…close in and intimate…it would have done better.

  2. Hi Mike, I like the image even the wonky angle of taking. This is as Chris says it is a picture of two halves both vertically and horizontally though. The boy looking at the viewer has plenty to admire – character in that face and wonderful eyes, but for me he is more fixated on the camera than playing football like the other child is and he is facing out of the picture getting the ball. The far left figures face is lost in shadow too, these are why it might not appeal instantly.

    I like the feel though and the sympathetic choice of black and white over colour.

  3. Hi Mike,love the angle of the picture, gives the image more impact and dynamic quality,but could see some club judges criticising “pity about the sloping horizon” etc….” I think the choice of monochrome over colour correct,the overall graininess fitting to the scene.The two small boys are nicely positioned and whilst seem preoccupied with the photographer,their faces are clearly seen. However the older boys are not as distinct and a little hidden in the background especially the boy in top L/H corner and I would agree with previous comments re picture of two halves

  4. I agree with the general direction of the earlier comments but I think Chris’s original statement that this is photojournalism is the key phrase. Were your previous entries into open competitions or PJ? If they were open then I think a try at one with a PJ category would be worth a go.

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