Catch Me

Here’s one to  start with. I’m not sure that it’s strong enough for exhibition…what do you think?

The picture was taken on the north coast of France….processed with glow and blur blended in and a vignette to finish. Comments on how to strengthen further would be welcome.


After comments below, here is Mike’s crop:
This version certainly has fewer distractions from the patterns in the sand in the original version.

On the downside, one of the things that I liked about the shape of the image was the “Z” shape that was made by the 3 areas of water, which I felt led the eye through the picture to a degree. Mike has cropped of the top and bottom layers of blue.

Is this better or worse…or just different? What do others think?


4 thoughts on “Catch Me

  1. Hi Chris

    I think the light is beautiful. Love the diagonal lead in with the water and the reflections but the best bit for me is the movement of the girls running into the sun at just the right place between the water and wet sand.
    On the small image here I think it could lose a little of the bottom (keep the shape and darkness as a base but only a hint of it) and also little of the right side (perhaps to the edge of the brighter sand in the top right). In fact there are a variety of different images with ever so slight variations in the crop, that I’m sure you have tried…
    …OK, I have looked and looked and at first look it has enough impact to get a good mark but on a good study the background starts to distract from the subject – there are so many great parts to this image – try being really brutal with your crop and simplify leaving the judges with no doubt as to the main interest. There is enough room above the girls without the water at the top (just the highlights in the sand). Then when you have tried that tell me to shut up and don’t be so daft. I should just enjoy (which I do) and not try to analyse.


  2. I think perhaps the crop over-simplifies the picture. The patterns in the sand and the areas of water are not too dominant and do not distract from the obvious centre of interest, the girls running. I wonder how our opinions on these things are affected by the size of the image and the limited resolution imposed by the medium?

  3. John

    I do think yo have a good point there regarding size and detail of the images. We all know that some images work better as a print and others work in either medium. I suspect that as a print the top and bottom would be less distracting. I do still prefer the extra space that the original crop gives and the extra depth.
    I would love to see a print of it.

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