Country Bride

A rural scene in the Dordogne area of France. For critique.


3 thoughts on “Country Bride

  1. Love the “feel” of this image, the similar muted colours, the textures, the juxtaposition of the bride and the watching hen, the way the light just catches the wall and shutters in the background and the dark trees and plants acting as a natural vignette (or disguising any added vignette) to hold everything in.
    I would like to have seen more interaction between the bride and the little girl.
    The “feel” of this image translates well to print.

  2. A timeless image.I like the soft delicate colours ,the gentle lighting.The picture is held in with the dark foliage on both sides and the position of the cockerel with the Bride balances and provides perfect composition.
    Maybe the area immediately around the cockerel could be tidied up or toned down by judicious cloning, though I appreciate this may be as a result of the size of the image and also my aging eyesght doesn’t help either!
    However that last point apart ,I still think its a cracking image and will still look as good in many years to come

  3. This is one that I like myself but hasn’t had an “outing” yet. Still haven’t sent my Smethwick entry off…might give it a try out. Will have a look at your suggestion first Geoff. Thanks. I see what Mike is saying about lack of communication between bride and child, but it doesn’t especially worry me (and there’s nothing I can do about it!!!); so we’ll see if it worries the judges!

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