Group entries and group visits

Something that we might consider in the future is whether to send off a group entry in one box, if sending prints to an exhibition, to save on postage. Would that require us to be a member of a Federation though? and is that what we would ultimately want? Thoughts on that please…..

Also, how about a group outing to one of the exhibitions? I missed the Beyond Group Exhibition with being away last week, but how’s about the Great Barr next Saturday? Anyone up for it?

The other thing we can do as a group is to arrange some trips to places of photographic interest…ideas to me or Mike please.



6 thoughts on “Group entries and group visits

  1. Hi Chris
    Re the above,I think it would be beneficial to submit occasionanally a group entry ,though as to Federation requirements I’m not sure whether this is mandatory.I would much prefer the group to remain
    independent and not require committees and all the regulations etc that would be entailed.
    Group outings is a good idea but appreciate that photographic events usually occur in the summer months and accordingly we may be a little late for this year

  2. Yes I agree with you there Geoff…no formality…no committee…no politics! We must steer clear of politics.

    We might look at an autumn venue for an outing, before the winter weather sets in! and perhaps we could visit Bromsgrove and/or Smethwick exhibitions as a group….we certainly enjoyed the Great Barr Exhibition last week.

  3. Absolutely no politics!
    Some exhibitions allow discounts for group entries so there could be a double saving. I don’t think this requires membership of any federation.

  4. Hiya,

    I can see I’m going to have to check this website every day if I’m not to miss anything! My excuse is that I’ve been out of the house quite a bit during the last week so have hardly had chance to even open emails.

    I’m going to be out of circulation for most of October, as well ……….. having minor surgery and then visiting Rachel in Berlin for 5 days. I’m just hoping it doesn’t rain too much!!

    I agree that we should keep the group informal ….. I’m already on one committe and that’s enough for me!

    Mo and I went to Liverpool yesterday and took some photos …… the first for ages. I haven’t had chance to look at them yet but I’m hoping to make a Hockney style joiner with some. When it seems to be going in the right direction I’ll post it!

  5. Hiya Sheila (et al),
    if you click on “entries RSS” or “comments RSS” on the Meta links on the right hand of this page, you can put a live link onto your Firefox Browser bar (I presume it can be done with IE too), so you can keep up to date quickly with what’s happening on site, without having to go to the site. Every time a members posts or comments, your live link will update.
    Simple eh?

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