Great Barr Exhibition Report

MIke, John, Noel and I, along with Brian Dennett (who is to join Impact soon), had a trip to Great Barr (Birmingham) on Saturday. To be correct, we bumped into Noel there and I twisted his arm to join the group.

It was, I think, Great Barr’s second National Exhibition with PAGB patronage. The standard of the printing was generally very high, though Mike was rather critical of a lot of the nature prints…and I suppose I had to agree that quite a number of them showed clear evidence of being “messed about with”, or had technical faults, such as burned out highlights.

The general mono and colour was of a very high standard and it was interesting to see that the trend in monochrome seems to have been towards very dark printing…unless it’s just that the selection was skewed by the preferences of the particular selectors. It will be interesting to see if the trend continues in the Bromsgrove Exhibition, which follows soon.

Noel collected a Judge’s medal (Judith Parry Medal) in the Projected images section for “Classical Twirl” and I was also awarded a Judith Parry Medal, in colour prints, for “Tulip”. Both shown here.

It was very disappointing that the event was rather poorly supported…even by club members from the Midland Counties. With ourselves and representatives from Wigan 10 (Kathryn Scorah and John Jerstice), we made a good showing from the North West. What a shame! Great Barr members and committee had done a really excellent job of hanging the prints and of providing a variety of good quality refreshments.

Oh, yes, I nearly forgot! we did rather well in the raffle too….Noel and I came home with a 50 sheet pack of Photospeed paper each (thank you Brian for donating your winning ticket to me) and Mike won a tin of Danish Butter Cookies (ah well, Mike, better luck next time)…


One thought on “Great Barr Exhibition Report

  1. Hi,

    Congratulations to both of you! For obvious reasons I’m more familiar with Chris’ images but I’ve seen ‘Classical Twirl’ before and always enjoyed it.

    Hard luck on the raffle, Mike ……….. but I hope you enjoyed the cookies!


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