I had the picture of the flight of steps twisting round the columns but wanted to add another element …….. hence the escaping figure. The title, ‘Flight’, was intended to link stairs and figure!






11 thoughts on “Flight

  1. Hi…I won’t say well done for posting the picture ‘cos I knew you could do it! I do like this one Sheila and would expect it to do well in competition. The flash of red and blur of the figure work well and are positioned just right on the stair. I especially like the way that the red is broken up by the dark blue, so it dominates less. The neutral colours of the stonework do not compete with the brighter colours of the figure. I also appreciate the way you have paid attention to the vertical lines and to the framing of the architectural features, so that the windows are complete and the vertical features are parallel to the edges of the frame. The only minor point, on this small version, is that the blacks do look a bit solid below and to the right of the figure…it’s only a detail and perhaps it’s not as solid on the bigger version.
    A good one!

  2. Sheila, you should be able to go to your original post via your dashboard and add in another picture at the curser point…then don’t forget to click on the “save” button, or it won’t keep it!

  3. Nice one Sheila. I like the way the figure stands out against the mono and is in just the right place on the stairway. All the verticals are vertial and all the windows are intact. Figures on stairs seem to be in vogue at the moment and this one stands up well against the others. It should do well.

  4. Hi Sheila- Well done,I like the image which should do well in competition,I like the way you’ve positioned the figure against the background wall and not the window.My only crit is that the figure is a little central and I think this could easily be remedied with a judicious crop of the bottom RH window at the end of the first pillar ,thus leaving the 2nd window intact.This would get rid of the majority of the blocked up shadows and improve composition.

  5. Sheila, I’ve posted the second picture for you and will start the ball rolling with comments.

    There are different aspects that I like in each. I do like the warm background colours of the second image and the figure’s position in the frame, moving out of it, but find the positioning of the head against the window less appealing and the archway with lots of detail beyond is more distracting. I can live with the almost central position of the figure in version 1, but find the lack of blocked blacks in version 2 more acceptable. So, on balance, I prefer version 1.

  6. Hi Sheila, the 2nd image doesn’t appeal to me as much as the 1st, that said it is still a good image.
    It has more distractions in it (arches etc), the verticals are no longer vertical and the figure is running out of the picture, I prefer her running in. I do like the warm colours though and I wonder how they would look in image 1.

  7. Hi,
    On balance I preferred the first version and that’s been the one I’ve used. I didn’t think that the first version worked with the warmer colours and more ‘natural’ look and, rightly or wrongly, I opted for the stronger, more contrasty version.
    I think it’s going to have to stay on the ‘B’ list!!

    Thanks to everyone for all the input.


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