Rain and Sun, Bamburgh

Version 1
For comments please:
Version 2

After comments from Noel, I have darkened the sky and part of the foreground. Does this work better for you?


7 thoughts on “Rain and Sun, Bamburgh

  1. Hi,
    This image has very strong appeal for me. I like the way that there is a sense of the ‘tables being turned,’ ie. the castle, in its strongly defended position, dominating the surrounding area is, in its turn, dominated and subjugated by the towering sky and elemental forces. The strongly emphasised and contrasting colours of land and sky work for me.

  2. Thanks Sheila….big words there!!! You seem in tune with what I was trying to convey. I am pleased with the print but whether or not it is an image that will go down well in exhibition I’m less sure. I’ll try it somewhere and see.

  3. Love the big threatening sky which dwarfs the castle at the bottom of the picture. Nice to see the castle from the land as opposed to the usual view from the sea. It’s my kind of picture. However, dramatic as it is, I don’t think the lighting is dramatic enough for exhibition but nothing venture, nothing gained, it may be worth a go. Have you tried darkening the sky even further and also the foreground so there is just light on the castle itself?

  4. Hi Chris
    I think the 2nd version has increased the drama of the scene and you have just enough darkening on the foreground to enable the castle to stand out. I think it works. For me No.2 has the edge

  5. Not the usual viewpoint for Bamburgh and all the better for it.I also prefer the 2nd version,I think it strengthens the prescence of the castle and the subtle shading of the foreground gives a strong base to the picture.
    It would be interesting to see how this would work in external competitions as there is certainly a dramatic and powerful feel to the image

  6. Thanks for your comments, Noel & Geoff. I haven’t tried it in an external competition as yet. I did send it to three judges for my MPAGB trial and it was one which received a high enough score, but of course, we all know that you can send to a different set of judges and get a different result! I’ll probably try it soon and let you know!

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