We are now keeping up a gallery of salon acceptances on site. This, I think will help us to get a feel for the “fashion” and standard of both nationals and internationals. I wouldn’t embarrass anyone (including myself) by asking for marks, but we will put small versions of accepted images into a post, mark it for category “Results” and indicate any awards.

Please send your images to me by email, 450 pixels on long side with details of the competition and awards and I’ll post them in tabular format along with others from the same exhibition.



2 thoughts on “Results

  1. Hi Chris, you’ve made an excellent job of compliling the recent results, let’s hope the other members add theirs so we can keep a complete picture of how the Impact Group is doing.
    Love your Trierenberg Image, you should get it framed. There’s not many of them about !!

  2. Hi Chris, An excellent idea and would echo Noel’s comments on this matter. As you quite rightly state, with the ever changing pattern of digital imaging this is an ideal means of keeping up yo date with trends etc

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