Results Al-Thani Award 2008

Congratulations to Noel, who received two acceptances in the Al-Thani Award.

Classical Twirl

Classical Twirl

Farewell, Cheerio, Goodbye

Farewell, Cheerio, Goodbye


6 thoughts on “Results Al-Thani Award 2008

  1. Those two seem to doing very well Noel and I do like both of them. Have you a feel yet for what the middle/far east countries like? I have only entered the Americas (north and central) and Europe and there seems to be a lot of difference in what goes down well in Europe and what goes well in the USA for example…

    Might try a bit further afield next year, though Smethwick is my last for this year.

  2. Hi Chris,not really, still a bit hit and miss. I’ll bring a couple of Far East catalogues at the nest L&C meeting and you can judge for yourself.

  3. Hi dod….no, not an award winner (the Al Thani Award is the name of the exhibition)…but he had those two pieces of work accepted in the exhibition, which means they are in the top 15% (approx) of entries judged. When we have winning pictures, I put a rider on to say what award has been given…you can see that in some of the other results.

  4. Couldn’t get a general spot so posted this here. Hope everyone had a very happy Christmas and I wish everyone all the best for the New Year. May your successes be many!
    PS Santa brought me a 2nd BPE Crown for Christmas so I’m feeling quite chuffed.

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