Urban Beauty

One for comment – good, bad or indifferent!

Urban Beauty

Urban Beauty


5 thoughts on “Urban Beauty

  1. You’ve beaten me to it Chris, I’ve been playing with frames within frames and elements within and without, but as yet nothing I was happy with. I’d have been happy with something like yours though, I really like it. It should do well! good luck with it.

  2. The image has plenty of impact both in colour and content,which bodes well for future competition work,with which I am sure you will enter.The frame within a frame ,with the subjects cane and arm outside the inner frame gives an almost 3d effect.
    Well done Chris

  3. Thanks for that positive feedback. I have now 2 results from BPE comps for that image where the score was 9 and 7 respectively. The letter is my lowest mark ever in a BPE…so I will probably not use it again…but at least someone found it interesting and it had an outing!

  4. Wouldn’t worry too much about the low scores Chris. T have plenty of those where the image has done well in other competitions. Find a ‘creative’ catagory in either the Far East or The States and have another go. You could be pleasantly surprised

  5. Hi Noel – that’s certainly an idea. As you know, I have not entered any of the far east exhibitions at all and I do know that the USA go much more for “creative” style images. Maybe….

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