Another attempt at a still life.

I wasn’t 100% happy with my previous attempt so thought I would have another go…


I think I am happy with this version. It took 12 layers to achieve the final effect.

(I couldn’t work out how to add this image onto the original thread!)


3 thoughts on “Another attempt at a still life.

  1. Yes, this is in many ways even stronger than the previous version. What I liked about the first version is that it was so different in treatment/style to the many other flower pictures on the circuit just now…but what you have produced with this one is a much more sophisticated version. Essentially, it’s the composition and colours that work so well. This one has a lot more “life” in the lighting and the darker shading does work very well and takes you right in to the centre of the picture. There are a couple of bits of the overlaid texture that become a little distracting for me…..some diagonal strokes below the droopy flower and an area at bottom left…I know that the white border of the other is what the software put on (because you gave it a caption), but your later version has a creative border, and I don’t think it needs it…in fact it goes a little OTT for my own taste.

    Having said all of that, I think it will do well at BPE level.

    Sometimes I think there’s nobody else in here! 😉

    PS, to add to your other post, you need to go to “posts” “Edit post”, open the earlier post then upload another picture….”simples”

  2. Hi Adrian,

    I’ve looked at both your versions of this image and, for me, this version has far more impact and memorablity.
    The lines below the droopy flower didn’t attract my attention until I read Chris’ comment but I did find the small area of vibrant blue, with hard defining edges, in part of the bottle’s shadow, a little too compelling. I agree with Chris about the border; it doesn’t ‘lift’ the image, as a border should and, in some ways, seems to rob the image of its essential simplicity, even becoming a distraction.

    This is all nit-picking, though, especially as I saw it as a print at Chorley and thought it should have been the winner, and not second!

  3. I’ve subsequently moved the dark brush strokes down away from the flower head following Chris’s advice.
    I added the border to create a little space below the bottle as I had framed it a bit tight at the bottom.
    I will remove the border and clone in some more background.
    The strong detail in the bottle reflection must be from my double glazing. I will try and soften them.

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