May PSA EID entry

Hi – well fingers crossed guys…this is our entry for May, the last EID of the season….

Update on 4th June 2010…WE WON!!!! Not only did our last set of images win us top placing in this particular round, but it also earned us top place overall in Group 2 at the end of the 2009-10 season and four of our members also won awards.

Congratulations to Geoff for “Best in Show” with “Misty Morn” and for their Awards Jeremy Malley-Smith with “Tartan Goth” and Joan Blease for “The Waiting Room”, also Noel with an Honorable Mention for “Eilean Donan Castle at Dusk” (mouse over the pictures for the titles).

Keep those new images coming in…we have a lot to live up to next season!



3 thoughts on “May PSA EID entry

  1. Well it does look as if we found a set of judges who did agree.
    4 awards, first place in this competition which gave us first place in the league. Well done everyone

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