For the last PSA comp in the season, we have another EID set of images…this is a proposed set…if you want any changes, please let me know…

Due to a problem with the judging club in the USA, Bob Benson had to re-schedule the judging of the May EID competition with three newly selected judges…so at last our patience has been rewarded…we won…again!!! For the second year running we have come top of our league. Thank you to everyone who gave support to this effort over the year…I know some of you have now left Impact…but you know who you are!

New Haven Camera Club (USA) were second, Loveland PS (USA) third. The nearest UK clubs to us were West Cumbria Group, who came 15th and Hoylake in 18th place.

Now the challenge is on for next year…please keep the images coming in.

Although our marks look rather low, it was a very low scoring round. Congratulations to Joan for her HM award for “Feather”.

Raindrops keep falling – Felicity Appleton 10

Windy City – Adrian Lines 10

My Precious – Christine Widdall 10

Feather – Joan Blease – 12 HM

Graveyard Goth – Jeremy Malley-Smith 11

Night Engines – Ken Ainscow – 11

Well done everybody!


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