EFIAP Bombshell

Excuse me if I’m slightly hopping mad this morning! I opened my post!!! It doesn’t usually get much reaction from me….a dentist appointment, a club reply form and a bank statement might be typical of our morning post. But this morning….A BOMBSHELL!!!

Having achieved AFIAP last February (2008) along with Maureen and Mike from the group, I set about the next task of reaching AFIAP. By June last year, I had reached the required target number of accepted images and awards, new works, percentages outside UK and countries … and all I had to do was to wait until December 2010 to apply. That’s why my entries to salons have fallen lately – no need to spend the money!!!

EFIAP requirements were: After achieving AFIAP… 60 new acceptances and 3 new awards over another three year period. 15 new pieces of work must be used and work must be accepted in a minimum of 5 countries.

From today, everything changed…the letter was from Ian Platt of the PAGB…the new EFIAP requirements have been published and they’ve moved the goal posts!

The first thing that I saw was that you must now hold the AFIAP for only ONE year before applying for the E. New requirements for EFIAP take into account your AFIAP acceptances and awards as well, so there is no longer a line drawn under the AFIAP, which meant that you, in effect, started from scratch for the E. That sounded pretty good…but then I read on….

Here are the new regulations:

Total acceptances, including AFIAP acceptances = minimum 150
Different works (images) = minimum 50
Number of different salons = minimum 30 ( a salon is a competition with a different name, not the same salon in different years, so Smethwick, for example, counts as ONE salon, however many times you entered it, also circuits count as one salon, even though there may be 5 different competitions in the circuit).
Number of different countries = minimum 15
Number of awards = minimum 5

So, I did a laborious tot up of where I’m now up to. There was good news and there was bad news….I had more than enough acceptances, awards and different images. I only have 13 countries, so immediately I realised that I’ll have to enter a couple more countries….that’s not really a problem…should be able to pick up the odd acceptance in two more countries without too much problem.

but….and it was a very big but….

30 different salons? no way….counting the Austrian Supercircuit and the Holland Circuit each as one salon, I have only 16 out of 30 FIAP salons required. So, suddenly I feel I have to start all over again…I need 14 more salons!!! and that looks like a lot of money…

To add 10 extra countries is bad enough, but to introduce a minimum number of 30 different salons seems very unfair without giving at least a couple of years notice, especially when that hasn’t been a stipulation at all before.

So, whilst I’m licking my wounds this morning, take heed…if you are embarking on this course of AFIAP and EFIAP, get your work entered around a lot of different salons from the word “go”.

Now, where’s that salon list…must get started….14 more competitions to find….

Pooooooh, not fair.