How to use this Blog

Here’s a bit of instruction on how to use the site!

Blog basics

Blog stands for weblog and it is just a diary or series of topics (called posts), each with its own heading…. Mike and I are administrators of the Blog, so we can move stuff around, accept or reject comments, change the design, delete stuff etc. Other group members will have “author” status, so they can make posts and upload pictures, but do not have full access to the administrative tools on site.

Finding your way around

In the sidebar on the right hand side, you will see menus to help you to navigate around the blog. For example, you can click on a link in the “Miscellaneous”  category to see all the posts in that category. Or you can look at the topics month by month in the archive section. More categories will be added as we go along.

Click on the title of the post that you want to see and it will appear in the main window area.

The sidebar also contains latest posts, links, recent comments and so on. There is also the login and logout button (which changes in context) where you can login with your WordPress identity, if you have one.

To return to the blog page, either click the title “Impact Group” at the top of the page, or the “home” button in the side bar.

If the text is too small for comfort, hit Ctrl+ to enlarge.

Entering comments

You don’t need to register to make a comment. At the bottom of each post is a box where you can write your comment on the post – please try to keep on topic here, rather than wandering off on a different subject. You need to enter a valid email address and then an email is sent to Mike and me asking us to approve your comment the first time you do it. This is a security measure so that we don’t get unwanted people commenting on our site…though letting people from outside the group make comments is not entirely taboo.

Once we have approved your first comment, you should then be able to make further comments on the Blog without coming through me or Mike, so long as you enter the same email address….if you don’t the software thinks you are a different person and you have to be vetted by us in admin all over again.

If you are registered and logged in, you can make comments straight into the comments box, as WordPress already knows who you are.

Go the whole hog….get registered to Blog

If you want to write new posts yourself, first you need to get registered as a user with WordPress…that’s where we are hosting the Blog. So, you first go to this link at WordPress where you can sign up as a user. You need to fill in the appropriate boxes on the page and at the bottom, where it gives the option of getting a blog or just a user name… you tick the button for user name only. Then, if you let Mike and me know the email address that you registered with WordPress (not your password please), we can set up a user account on the Impact blog for you – which will mean that you have a lower level access than administrator – eg you can’t alter the layout of the site etc, but you can start your own posts and upload pictures.

Make sure that you pick a username that you can remember, as you can’t change this (you may have to try a few variations to find one that is not already used) but you can change your public name (the name we see on the site) at any time.

Another benefit of registering with WordPress is you can have your own picture (Avatar) to go with your comments instead of the automatically generated one.  An Avatar needs to be 128×128 pixels as a JPEG, PNG or GIF. You can start with a bigger image and crop it to suit when you upload it.

Oh yes, if you are a member, remember to login before you post a comment for your new avatar to work.

Uploading images to posts

Here is a screencast to help you learn to upload images. There are FAQ’s at WordPress to help you further.

Want your own Blog pages?

If you want to start your own personal Blog like this at Chris Widdall Blog, you can ask for a Blog instead of a user account when you register your account and then start your own web site in no time.

Hope that all makes sense. It really is very easy!


This page was updated 2nd Sept 2008