A note on the membership:

The following were members in the summer of 2013 when the group decided that is had fulfilled its brief but was no longer viable (see the About Impact Group page) and agreed to disband.

Mike Lawrence AFIAP DPAGB – Administrator

I have been taking photos most of my life. Started with a box brownie moved on to a Brownie 127 through various Instamatics and eventually got an SLR for my 12th birthday. A Practika Nova with a Domiplan 50mm f2.8, no meter I taught my dad to use the darkroom in return.

I took photography more seriously after joining Oldham Photographic Society in 1997 and with the aid of a little friendly rivalry I improved my photography so in 2002 I gained my CPAGB and in the following year a DPAGB, this year I got my AFIAP after having a modicum of success in a few international exhibitions over the past five years. Next step my “MPAGB” and “EFIAP” and I might try to accrue a few more BPE points along the way.

Professionally I have worked with computers for more than 25 years (I built my first computer about 30 years ago, it had an amazing 1KB of RAM) and for the last 20 years have been involved with the graphics and events industry. I am now a professional photographer.

Christine Widdall MPAGB EFIAP BPE5* – Administrator

I was introduced to photography as a young child when my Dad had a darkroom in our cellar. I’ve been in love with it ever since. I joined Oldham Photographic Society in 1986, where I have held almost all the major offices, including that of President. In 2000, I was a founder member of SLIC, where I remained a member until 2006. Around 1998, I joined the Executive Committee of the Lancashire and Cheshire Photographic Union, where I have served as Minutes Secretary, Hon General Secretary and Vice President and serve as President of the L&CPU from February 2010 to 2012 .

I enjoy judging, entering competitions and exhibiting my work. I was appointed to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain judges list in 2010.

In 2010 I published a book “Saddleworth through my Lens“. My next photographic goals are the ABPE award and perhaps another book.

I became a professional photographer along with Mike Lawrence, when we set up our photography business in 2006, which we call SteelOrchid, where we photograph weddings, portraits and commercial subjects as well as making fine art prints.

John Widdall CPAGB

I started taking photographs at the age of about 12 when my father let me borrow his Brownie 127. I remember cycling round Saddleworth looking for photographs and thinking more than twice before pressing the shutter because of the cost.

I joined the Oldham Photographic Society in about 1975 and bought a Praktica SLR. Initially working in colour slides and monochrome prints, I soon decided to set up my own darkroom and in time moved on to colour printing. I gained my CPAGB in about 1995 but am finding it difficult to motivate myself along the distinctions route.

I also hold the distinction of having been President of Oldham Photographic Society more often than anyone else in its 140 year history and have served on the Council continuously for many years. As a founder member of the South Lancashire Imaging Club, I enjoyed the ‘safe haven’ that it provided until digital photography became mainstream.

I suppose my photographic skills are technical rather than artistic but perhaps involvement with ‘Impact’ will redress the balance.

Noel Morgan AFIAP BPE2*

I got involved in photography very late in life, purely by accident. I had always taken family and holiday snaps but never any serious photography. In my mid 50’s, as work had seemed to have taken up most of my life, I was beginning to wonder what I would do when I retired some 10 years later. One day, after having taken the dog for a walk in Warden Park in Leyland, I visited Chorley Photographic Society’s Annual Exhibition, which on this occasion was held in Warden Hall, mainly to get out of the rain! Whilst looking at the exhibition I asked myself two questions, (1) why didn’t my holiday shots look like the pictures in front of me? (2) Was this something I could enjoy in retirement? The CPS member who was present on the day suggested I had a look at them at the start of the new season to see what I thought of the club. I did and, as they say, the rest is history. I was hooked.

I joined Chorley Photographic Society in 1993. I have held many of the posts in the club since joining including President in 1997/8. In 2007 I was elected to the Executive of the L&CPU and I am currently part of the team looking after competitions.

At the end of 2006 I began entering BPE competitions to see how I faired outside the club environment. I enjoyed the new challenge and achieved my BPE1* in 2007. I am now working towards BPE2*.

The success at National level got me wondering how I would fair in International Salons so in 2007 I began entering FIAP competitions. Acceptances at this level got me thinking about the possibility of aiming for the AFIAP distinction. However, when I discovered that apart from acceptances and awards there was also a five year qualification period, 2012 seemed a long way off. Long term I am still aiming for AFIAP. Short term in December 2007 I joined the PSA which will enable me to aim for one of their Star awards which will give me a distinction at International level without any time constraint. I am currently working towards PSA1* (CPID).


Compared to the other experienced photographers in the group I am a relative newcomer and novice, only buying my first real camera (A Nikon D70) in 2005.

I joined Wigan Photographic Society in the same year with the intention of absorbing as much experience and knowledge as possible from my fellow members.

I very quickly became a compulsive and prolific photographer, taking my camera everywhere, photographing everything. Having never used film or a SLR before I had no pre-conceptions or ideas of limitations with the equipment.

I started looking outside the club for distinctions in 2006. I applied for and received my LRPS and I also entered my first external competition, being the L&CPU annual exhibition, and by the 2007 exhibition had managed to win the best colour print category.

After winning Wigan PS’s Print Worker and Slide Worker of the Year in 2007 and 2008 (plus most of their other trophies) I had a tremendous thirst for further and greater accolades so I decided to start entering the BPE’s in 2008.

In my first season, after entering work into 11 of the 13 exhibitions managed to obtain 45 acceptances, 3 BPE ribbons and and 3 commendations. (I also managed to win the Leyland Open exhibition too!)

As you can tell from my brief introduction I am ‘extremely’ competitive (and just slightly arrogant) and am no longer satisfied with just an acceptance or with club level photography, so I was very excited when Noel told me about the Impact Group and their philosophy, and was very honoured when Noel said he would nominate me for possible membership.

I love looking at, and talking about other peoples prints and have no favoured style (although I’m not keen on pictures of pets and other peoples grand children ;-)).

I have no financial aspirations in photography, but am just looking for acknowledgement and lots of success (my mother has a lot to answer for!).

Hopefully I can contribute fully, as well as receive the groups guidance. I am a fairly competent photoshopper and printer and would be more than happy to share any ‘secrets’ !


I became interested in photography approximately 30 years ago and joined North Cheshire PS concentrating on colour printing in the main, having a colour darkroom until the millennium, when I moved house and had to decide whether to carry on with building a darkroom or go digital, the way everyone else seemed to be going.

I chose the latter and whilst I found the learning curve hard at first, soon realised the creative possibilities this new medium possessed. I still am a member of NCPS and also belong to 85 Group. ARPS and DPAGB were attained in 1998 and am currently on BPE4*, my present target is the AFIAP.

Am looking forward to ” Impact” it will surely be beneficial to all its participants, may it be a long and continuous success story.

Joan Blease EFIAP LRPS BPE2*

Alan Morris

Jane Lines DPAGB BPE3

Rob Millin ARPS

Michelle (Kitty) Walsh

Geoff Walsh

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